Power 102 Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Power 102.1FM – RCLTV

Power102.1fmAtlanta, Georgia – Power 102.1FM–Radio Continentale Lakay TV proudly announces our 12th Anniversary Celebration.  This celebration will highlight the contributions that our radio station has made in the community embodied in our motto, “The Bridge of Diversity.”  By bridging the gap for the past 12 years, Radio Continentale has proudly brought many diverse cultures together on its massive platform throughout the global community by recognizing this rich history and proud service.

Officially starting April 1, 2015 we launched our Power 102.1FM RCLTV Anniversary Campaign on GoFundMe.  We celebrated our actual anniversary on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 with an all-day Radio-A-Thon.  Our goal is to reach $50K throughout the month of April and May to provide our studio with more up-to-date equipment for clearer service and meet the needs to our growing audience.

RCLTVThe Radio-A-Thon gave our listeners a day of entertainment that highlighted the great moments of the diverse platform at Power 102.1FM–Radio Continentale Lakay TV.  The radio event portrayed various sounds, music, and words from our community.  A number of key individuals were recognized for their contribution to the community and the development of the station.  This anniversary celebration promises to regenerate the drive globally and also contribute to the continuous development in our radio station in return.

We are delighted to extend you an invitation to be a participant in this campaign.  We truly appreciate your contribution to the community and also benefit mutually from the many programs we offer.  Power 102.1FM–Radio Continentale/Lakay TV showcases talented radio hosts, programs, and alliances.

Power 102.1FM RCLTV 12th Anniversary GoFundMe Link: gofundme.com/power1021fmrcltv

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the better development of Power 102.1FM–Radio Continentale Lakay TV.

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Power 102 Anniversary

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