Fanm Vanyan Foundation

Fanm Vanyan Foundation Inc. Brand Ambassador: Underestimated Diamond

Fanm Vanyan Foundation Inc.
Brand Ambassador: Underestimated Diamond

My name is Cassandra Pascal and you might know me as Underestimated Diamond. I am a published author, poet, writer, and project manager.  I am a brand ambassador for the Fanm Vanyan Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting, enriching, educating, inspiring and empowering women.  I describe my character with the elements of strength, determination, and passion to whatever she grasps.  I am experienced in leading, advising, coaching, and consulting for various organizations and brand building.

As a writer, Underestimated Diamond is created as an undefined expression of a natural understanding of the world around her.  She expresses an identity of grace, sensuality, fineness, and endurance to be able to stand tall with her head held high. A scholar holding a bachelors and masters in Health Sciences has become a published author in two medical articles. 

Underestimated Diamond strives to gain strength and confidence as the extra shaping that makes the diamond shine brighter.  Underestimated Diamond is a signification of a woman that has built a foundation with an image in my mind to literally going to the coalmine of my life and dug until I found the diamond within.  Poetry has been my passion for over two decades. My poetry has been published as well on Onè Respè as a member and benefactor of Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc.

As a freelance project manager, I have worked with non-for-profit organizations, churches, deejays, events, music artists, and other various businesses providing elite services in the matter of writing, blogging, editorials, and public relations consulting.  Underestimated Diamond Team Network was created to provide elite services in the matter of planning, advising, promotion, organizing, and client relations management.

Thank you Fanm Vanyan Foundation for the opportunity to represent your organization in a positive light and help to increase awareness that embodies the identity by sharing your core values of inspiration, empowerment, excellence, respect, integrity, and passion.

Underestimated Diamond Team Network officially affiliated with Fanm Vanyan Foundation, Inc.:

Let me introduce you to my new hashtags
#ProudBrandAmbassador #UDFanmVanyan  #UDTNFanmVanyan

Virtuous is the diamond that sparkles day and night 

A reflection so pure and honest     

She attempts to dim her darkness and boldly brings her light     

She shines stronger and unlocks her doors of fear     

Given her all and finding her purpose to fulfill     

Formed by loving hands and hearts so true     

I am the Underestimated Diamond     

Do not underestimate what I can do 


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Article and Promotion Courtesy of Underestimated Diamond Team Network