Get Up on the Wall

Get Up on the Wall

Get on the Wall started in June 2007 as a newsletter of spiritual and divine expressions on faith and biblical teachings.  Regrettably there was a long hiatus taken by this popular newsletter due to traumatic life experiences by the author.  Today after the 8th year of the foundation of this newsletter, Get Up on the Wall is now an official blog.  This blog will continue to be an extension of the Underestimated Diamond.  As many years have gone by since the creation of Get Up on the Wall, the writing now will have a more mature tone of growth and development that will hopefully grasp the attention of readers with similar views and values.

Now in order to understand the new chapter, we must take a journey back towards the previous chapters in order to close the book.

In June 2007, a dream and vision that developed to write in another fashion.  When you write about faith, there is a path of breakthroughs that impacts a person’s life.  By choosing to write a spiritual or divine format expresses the years of crying, praying, and purging that is being seen on paper.  Get Up on the Wall allows the reader see the transitions of faith for another pair of eyes.

Get Up the WallSince my elementary days, I use to mesmerize and recite poems and that is where I have developed a passion for writing.  Get Up on the Wall has been my prophetic gift and evangelistic voice.  The foundation of Get on the Wall came from a time of pain and loss.  The Wall was a place that I came to talk to God face-to-face.  The Wall was a desperate attempt to view the face of the God and truly hear His voice.  The metaphor of the Wall was actually finding the biggest wall in my apartment at the time and starting talking to it as if it was the face of God.

Now the story behind this might shock some people but it allowed me to expose myself from the inside out to God.  Get Up on the Wall became daily prayers which inspired vision and divine devotion.  In June 2007, I composed my first posting of Get Up on the Wall.  The mission of the Wall is to no longer stay still and silent with my prayers.

Reader, you are welcome to an evangelistic of authentic divine devotion.  Hopefully in this newsletter you are able to grow stronger and greater in your spiritual path and journey.  Faith is very contagious.

“Make the time to Get on the Wall and find YOU”

WriterUnderestimated Diamond is a poet and aspiring writer from Boston, MA.  She been embracing her Haitian culture before she could even walk.  She writes with strength and hope to inspire others to define their own definition of life.  She publishes various blogs such as “Get Up on the Wall” and active in public relations and consulting for a great deal of non-for-profit organizations.  A woman that harvests her blessings and present her true reflections of an underestimated diamond.  She is a proud member of Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc. 

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