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Get Up on the Wall: Conclusion of August

Praying Divinely
Conclusion of August

I have remastered my views and accomplishments on life now.  I want to do more than praise.  I even what to do more than pray.  I want to act that I know and understand my blessing.  For the past month, I have been looking through my past postings and the phrase that comes to mind was “before.”  That’s another poem but I see my words are changed now.  I see that my eyes are different now.  I see alot of new things.

Get Up on the Wall is not just a spiritual statement that spoon feeds you worship the Lord.  It is a written journey that puts you in a place in your life that you need to just stand up and take action.  I am thankful but I am understanding as well.  Nonetheless, you watched through my words as I got up on my wall and declared peace, support, and declaration over my troubles.

The next edition of this blog is not where you are going to look for answers.  It is not a daily dose of stories and special thoughts.  This edition will be a mixture of finding and lifting pressure off of past doubt, fears, etc.

Bringing the light into the dark places.

Bringing hope where so many people have doubt.

Bringing everything before myself, to love myself, and make time for myself.

Everyday I will praise that I will get through all storms that come my way.

Everyday, I will be waking up to a new day and despite it all I/we must remember its just a day.

Not the place to judge actions.  Not the palce to judge circumstances.

Get Up on the Wall is a blog of positivity and encouragement.

September theme . . . . Starting a New . . . . .

Written By Underestimated Diamond

Pray these words encourage you today.

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