Get Up on the Wall

Get Up on the Wall: Crime of Confession

Crime of Confession
Face Your Sentence

Kneeling before the judge of the Most High pleading my case
I accept my sentence as harsh it maybe
I confess to my crimeVery serious, very honest
I confess to my crimes
Charged with shame and consequences
I sit on the bench before youMy crime, my fault
Must be careful, who I share my reasons to
That confession is a crime in itself
Understand many are curious
They lack the knowledge of respect
Common sense is absent
They believe in the “I” and “my”Crime of Confession
A judgment we must all face
The jury is out
Confessing to the crime
Praying God makes a wayConfession is healing
It helps wipe the sins away
You are sentenced to embrace a new day

By Underestimated Diamond
Embrace Your New Day

Pray these words encourage you today.

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Copyright (C) 2015 Underestimated Diamond. Published March 2011. Remastered September 2015.  All rights reserved.