Victorious Women of God – Special Edition

Get Up on the Wall: Live in the Now

Victorious Women Special Edition

Live in the Now
But instantly He spoke to them, saying, 
Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid!
Matthew 14:27 
This was Jesus’ response to the disciples when they encountered a storm while out in a boat.  He was saying, “I AM here for you right now, and you must have faith now that everything is going to be all right.”

That is how you should be living your life–with a “now” faith.  Today you can have faith that yesterday and all of its mistakes can be taken care of by God.  You can also have faith today that tomorrow will be taken care of when it arrives.  But don’t waste today worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.  Jesus is the great “I Am” and He is here for you today!

God wants you to live for today.  Worrying about yesterday or tomorrow steals today.  But the great I AM has given you just enough grace for today.  Grace for yesterday is all used up and grace for tomorrow will not come until tomorrow.  So use the favor and power of the Holy Spirit to do His will right now.

By Joyce Meyer, Ending Your Day Right
Faith Affirmation Proclamation

I am the walking, talking, living embodiment of FAITH.
I breathe in FAITH.
I live through FAITH.
I see everything through FAITH-filled eyes.
I speak with FAITH.
I listen in FAITH.
I know that FAITH can, when I cannot!
I know that FAITH is always, under all circumstances, and in all situations, the blessed activity of the Holy Spirit moving in my life.

Faith Affirmation by Iyanla Vanzant 
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up

Victorious Women; An Exclusive Special Edition of Get Up on Your Wall  

Harvesting my Blessings and Presenting My True Reflection
Make Time and Have Devotion

Pray these words encourage you today.

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