Get Up on the Wall

Get Up on the Wall: My Daily

My Daily
Get Up on the Wall

God, I am on my daily
But I always maybe
Maybe I should have made another choice
I am holding myself together God
I do not doubt you
But I do doubt myself at times How do I really change the atmosphere Lord?
How do I really command my day?
I had a conversation the other day and I was advised to pull away
What do I then Lord?
I want to be on my daily

What’s my daily?
Daily is my declaration of my life
Not just taking the day by storm
Not just trying to rule the world
Not just trying to change the world
I just want to the live in this world
My daily is my prayer to you

Writing to encourage the reader to stay strong
Writing to encourage myself the life goes on
Writing to heal the scars of words and actions of life
Writing because at times that is how I fight for my life
Writing because talking to you God is my daily

I call it my daily; I think it’s pretty cool
I have a positive routine that I do everyday
This is my thing that I do with you God

My daily is my cry
My daily is where I understand my misunderstanding
My daily is where I direct my forgiveness in the right direction
My daily is where I speak to the right mountain
My daily is where I move

Everyday with you God
Everyday with you
You bring me life and creativity
Living because of you
Loving because of you
Worshipping to you
Praising to you
Walking and Still Standing because of you Lord

I am on my daily Lord
Just another day talking to you

1 Corinthians 2:5 says . . .
My faith does not rest in the wisdom of men (human philosophy), but in the power of God.

My Daily Prayer to God on My Wall 

Pray these words encourage you today.

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