Get Up on the Wall

Get Up on the Wall: Pull Away

Pull Away 
Get Closer 
Obsess too much to confess
Need to pull awayShadow over me
Contemplating over the decisions that I have made
More that I can handle in my mind
Need to pull awayFrustration gives me no time for mediation
The walls are closing in
Pushing back, letting go
Need to run away

So much, too much
Just want to disappear
Moving away from the fire too hot might get burned
No one else needs to be involved
Reappear at the right time and everything by then will be alright

Pulling away from my obligations
Pulling away from my mind
Pulling away from all the drama in my life
Taking back what’s mine
Holding on with a tight grip with everything I have left to hold
Last grasp, do I have the control?

Pulling away from the madness
Pulling away from what’s inside
Can I walk out there?
Am I ready to fight?
Need to conquer what’s around me
Before it takes my mind
Pulling away to grasp my soul

Give me my liberty, no more mess
I will fight for my life
I will not be in debt
Give me my liberty, Lord
Not trying to move to an early death
Pulling away from pain
I feel your healing on my breath

Pulling, pulling away
Gaining my strength, my will, my might again
Pulling away from the under the dark shadow
I know feel the light

Pulling towards the light that brings me safety
Pulling towards the light that brings me peace
Pulling towards myself
Give me my liberty, pulling towards my freedom

My mind has clarity
My spirit is in alignment
Found comfort in my Master’s arms

Sometimes I need to pull away from the world
And pull back towards you Lord

The world wants me pulled in
The world wants me to not need you Lord
The world wants me to pull away and disappear
Pull me back from it all and give me liberty

Pulling away from the noise
Pulling away from the negativity
Pulling away from all the things made against me that was not formed by you God
It will not prosper
Give me liberty Lord
Pull me closer to you

Still Pulling, pulling away

Getting Closer to My Wall 

Pray these words encourage you today.

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