Get Up on the Wall

Get Up on the Wall: Trusting Your Way

Trusting Your Way
Just Trusting

Trust is a way of focusing on a vision
Hard to get through some days
But Lord help me I want to trust you
My life feels cloudy some days
Let me not be annoyed, Lord
Let me not get frustrated
Let no one who does wrong bring their spirit to me
Let me be covered by you Lord
Let them not envy me

My worries will disappear
Like water in the desert and like grass without rain
Trusting you Lord, I can take the pain

You have given me my territory
You have brought me to my secret place
When I am with you, I am safe
I am armed with the sword and shield

Lord, I’m not sure what you want
Not sure how I feel
I will do what you ask
And I know you will fill my hearts desire
You will bring love and happiness to my life again
I will still trust you, my father and friend

Lord, lead me and order my steps
You write the path and I’ll take it
Will try to be patient and keep cool, my life is at stake
Will try not to let worries get to me, Lord
Because anger and frustration always seep thru
My anger can be sinful, best time for Satan to appear
Asking for mercy Lord, make my pain disappear
My battles seem so big, like a lion fighting a deer
But the battles are yours, you have my back
Waiting for my harvest, my blessings are on track

Trusting you Lord to give me strength
Bringing out the best of me
Obeying you Lord and spending much time with you
I am not perfect, but I will do my best to please you
Lord, I trust you; guide me with your hand
If I stumble, I know you will catch me
You will lift me; I will follow your command
I want more of you and less of me

Trusting your way Lord
You have given so much to me
Thank you for your greatest sacrifice, Lord
You brought Jesus on earth, your son for us to see
He touched and preached to the world
He then died and rose again to save me

Trusting you Lord
You breathed life to me

Trusting . . .

Trusting and Speaking to God on My Wall

Pray these words encourage you today.

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