Konpa In Vegas 2017: Black Friday Special

Konpa In Vegas 2017

Black Friday Special

Deadline: December 1st



Konpa In Vegas #KIV5

kiv-5yr-anniversaryThe VIP Experience Group LLC., presents an annual Konpa In Vegas (KIV) social event.  KIV is an entertainment platform composed of music, amusement, themed parties, live performances and networking amongst musical enthusiasts. Our travel destination for this annual event will be in Las Vegas, Nevada for 5 days/4 nights event. The guests of the weekend getaway are offered hotel packages at hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

The VIP Experience Marketing and Consulting Firm goal is to promote a safe atmosphere for networking and socializing.  The brand that is being built is titled Konpa In Vegas (KIV).  This event is one that is committed to securing elite social status bonds and building a rapport with responsible crowds whose main priority is to see beyond the everyday norm.

KIV presents a forum that not only embodies multiple entertainment variations, but also eludes a craved aspect of luxury while vacationing.  We provide this forum by interacting and upholding an unconventional social standard that is often overlooked due to cost.

Our Mission “Because we value the liberty to indulge in a multitude of entertainment ventures, our goal is to raise the social amusement platform by setting an affordable standard for luxury; thus, providing our clients with the ultimate VIP experience, with minimum out of pocket expenses.”

Konpa In Vegas #KIV5



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KONPA IN VEGAS 2017: 4th Summer Edition | June 22nd to June 26th, 2017

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