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Konpa In Vegas

Sponsorship Coordinator, Project Manager, Social Media Liaison
January 2013 – Present

The VIP Experience Group LLC., will be conducts Konpa In Vegas (KIV) social event. Konpa In Vegas is part of a growing franchise that has appreciatively surpassed investor expectations each year. KIV is an entertainment platform composed of music, amusement, themed parties, live performances and networking amongst musical enthusiasts. Our travel destination for this annual event will be in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This summer edition event is an opportunity to bring the culture of Konpa music to an untouched market. Konpa is a music genre that is primarily known in the Haitian culture as a modern style meringue. Konpa is known not just in Haiti but in many countries in the Caribbean such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica and Africa, Cape Verde, France, and parts of Canada. Konpa music has been popular in the east coast for over 30 years; but for the first time we are bringing our culture to west coast of the United States.

KIV Objective

For our event, we expect a community of more than 3,000 music devotees to partake in the weekend’s festivities on the Las Vegas strip. KIV will not only bring forth music lovers; it will also bring a community of avid weekend vacationers, students, promoters and loyal fans of the artists and bands scheduled to perform. Furthermore, our event will consist of leading figures in the Caribbean-American communities such as physicians, attorneys, government officials, small and large business owners, corporate executives, and entertainers.