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LeVenity Collection | Designer Venny Etienne

Underestimated Diamond | Fashion Edition | October 2015 

Style Meets Venny Etienne, LeVenity Collection

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

LeVenity Exposing FashionFashion brings a distinctive and characteristic trend in style that dresses the person.  Style dominants the look of the person in return gives a fashion designer a challenge to create a behavior and voice in clothes.  From costumes to masquerade wear, we must admit that what we wear is what people see first.  Style Fashion Week will have a new designer entering the runway stage in Los Angeles on Friday, October 16.  This talented has a “hard and soft” quality that has been buzzing around the fashion industry.  Let’s get to know this talented Haitian-American designer as his collection takes the runway.

LevenityVenny Etienne is the designer of LeVenity Collection.  Etienne’s fashion is bringing this generation of designers a style that is graced with architectural lines and texture-blocking according to the details of his design process. Haiti is known in fashion for culture and pride not just in material but in presentation.  In this case, it is very refreshing to see a young designer take pride and especially focusing on the detail of his designs to fit the garment.  Etienne grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he started doing local fashion shows.  It brings great joy that this young designer decided to perfect his skills by attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and then Wade College in Dallas where he majors in Merchandising and Design.  

LeVenity Exposes FashionLeVenity Collection LLC is a luxury women’s ready-to-wear brand that was launched in New York.  The collection features dresses, tops, skirts and trousers designed with a blend of various distinct influences with dynamic ingenuity.  LeVenity brings attention to high-end quality and detail that will be delightful to see on the Los Angeles runway.  Etienne credits his creative ability and design expertise to Milan based designer and pattern maker, Shingo Sato.

Etienne was awarded the 2014 National RAW Artist Fashion Designer of the Year title.  He also was awarded the FGI Best of Sewing Award winning an industrial sewing machine and the ultimate prize, the FGI 2015 Paris American Academy Couture Award, where he studied abroad in Paris this past summer and learned advanced couture techniques.

LeVenity Design - Bringing Fashion

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L E V E N I T Y   C O L L E C T I O N 

LeVenity Collection will be presented on the runway of Style Fashion Week of Los Angeles on Friday, October 16, 2015 at The Reef located at 1933 South Broadway Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007 at 8pm

Style Fashion Week LogoStyle Fashion Week, the Official Fashion Week of Los Angeles, conceived in Los Angeles in 2011, the 5-day mega fashion event has offered the most talented designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections. Each year, Style Fashion Week presents the season’s must-see shows, unforgettable performances, and exclusive installations. The expansive brand marketplace immerses guests in art, fashion, and design and allows them to directly engage with brands and designers throughout the week.  (Courtesy of Style Fashion Week Website)

For MORE Information: www.stylefashionweek.com

Levenity Working on SS Collection

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