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ATLANTA, GEORGIA – December 8, 2014
Power 102.1FM-Radio Continentale / Lakay TV welcomes Ms. Cassandra Pascal A.K.A Underestimated Diamond as the new Project Management Director of Power102.1FM- Radio Continentale Lakay TV.

“We are very exited to take our network to the next level and I believe that Ms Pascal is the right person to help us make it happen” says Power102.1fm C.E.O and Co-founder Chenet Nerette. Power102.1fm-RCLTV is changing the way we connect by providing live coverage to any event anywhere in the world as we continue to bridge the gap of diversity.

Cassandra Pascal is a woman of standard and strength with every intention to make her own mark. She has learned motivation and determination was the biggest weapon against all obstacles in her life. Cassandra first love is for writing since the age of 10.

Over the years, Cassandra has written several poems and worked on writing projects in school papers, community projects, church, and non-profit organizations. During her college years, Cassandra had a great opportunity to really display her talent during a poetry reading for Black History Month and also rewarded as the secretary and community service director of the African American Cultural Society for 2 years. “I will always remember my very first poetry reading because I brought the audience to tears with my poem “Still Walking” and from there I knew I had talent. The poem “Still Walking” was a personal biography on her identity, self-esteem, and self-worth on her reflection of life. Cassandra proclaimed herself as the Underestimated Diamond which honestly best describes her. A woman that shines no matter what shape, clarity, or the amount of pieces that has been shattered around her. Underestimated Diamond is her legal and certified DBA as a sole proprietor.

Cassandra is a benefactor/member of Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc. and has been published in Onè? Respè!; a journal of the Women Writers of Haitian Descent, Inc. (and friends) that promotes and explores the fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and journalistic works of contemporary Haitian writers in English, French, and Haitian Creole. Cassandra has had the privilege to work with African American Culture Society, Haitian Museum of Arts and Culture, New Destiny Christian Center, Get Up on the Wall Newsletter, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Department of Children and Families, American Red Cross, U.S. Army, Homeland Security, Konpa In Vegas, Kmistry, Global Haitian Advancement Through Education & Sports (GHATES), Freedom and Unity Community Dance Ministry, United Relief Force Foundation, The Touch Inc., Lucky G, Etzer NuBazz, Tony C, DJ Jeanuwine, Black LG, The VIP Experience Group LLC, Kafe Kreyol, Friendz, Team Pablo International/HMI Live Radio, Florida Platinum Wedding and Events, The Event Promo, Poetry Unplugged, Excella Graphics, WebPrintLab, DripEvents, Super Plus Movement, The Diaspora Network, Shining Stars, Miss Haiti International 2014, Haitian All-Starz, Royal Soul Productions, Angelic Awards, and of course Underestimated Diamond Team Network.

Cassandra also proudly carries a bachelors and masters in healthcare science with a minor in administration, management, and leadership.

“I have harvested my blessings and now presenting my true reflection by designing my life by my own design. I am the Underestimated Diamond.”

For more information on Cassandra, please view her website www.underestimatediamond.com, or www.power1021fm.com

Power 102.1FM is a for profit online base radio registered in Atlanta, Georgia. The parent station, Radio Continentale, is a community short wave radio located in the Boston area under WRCI 102.1 FM a 501(c)(3) application for recognition in process. Power 102.1FM runs 20 studios globally. Power 102.1FM operates from Boston, MA to Atlanta, GA to neighborhood countries and regions of Canada to Europe. Power 102.1 affiliates and partnerships runs it shows on other websites and other radio stations. The network expands to the West coast with sakpasecalifornia.com; to Europe via Nap-fel.com. They will be hitting Haiti via five radio stations in the south side and the region of Artibonite. Paris and Normandy, France will complete our European contingency. They have an estimated audience that range from 800,000.00 to 1.2 million listeners. Radio Continentale Power 102.1 FM brings other cultures in addition to Haitian influence into our lives. Radio Continentale Power 102.1 FM is diverse and brings a variety of cultures to the young and older generation in areas such as music, news, sports, politics, and religion.


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