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Power102.1fmToday more than 40 million people listen to public radio stations online every week.  We believe that partnering with Power 102.1FM–Radio Continentale / Lakay TV is the best platform to reach consumers and invite them to do business with Haiti and the Caribbean nations.  In today’s world, people have more demands than ever before.  Power 102.1FM–Radio Continentale / Lakay TV presents you with a Business Promotion Power Package and Proposal that gives a great opportunity to grow and develop your brand through our promotional services.

RCLTVPower 102.1FM is a for profit online base radio registered in Atlanta.  Our parent station Radio Continentale is a community short waived radio located in the Boston area under WRCI 102.1 FM.
A 501 (c)(3) application for recognition of exemption is in process.  By using modern technology, we have established a first in the industry system that at this time runs 20 studios globally and streams live 24/7 in Creole, French and English.  We provide a wide variety of talk shows, music, sports, news and much more on http://www.power1021fm.com

TuneIn Radio: Radio Continentale & RCLTV // AudioNow: Power 102.1fm Broadcast 712.432.5750

Power AdvertisementIn an effort to truly bridge the gap of diversity, Power 102.1 FM-Radio Continentale broad of directors include professionals from various backgrounds and ethnicity from Haiti, Grenada, Jamaica, Guyana and France, thus enabling us to cover multiple communities and bring a new vision to our world.  There is a show or program for everyone at Power102.1FM whether it is sports, news, Inspirational Christian segments, World Music from Compas to Reggae, Zouk, Calypso, Roots, Rap & HipHop to Instrumental and Pop.  We are exciting as we continue to venture into new territories and positively and actively impact our communities.  “We Got You Covered

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.power1021fm.com

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Dinner Fundraiser - November 15

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NAHP Conference 2015

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