Promotion and Marketing

Promotion is an important sales element for any organization, event, business, or product.  The strategy used to make this successful is known as marketing. Marketing lets your audience know about the price, product, promotion, and at times the place. Promotion is where we work with you to raise the customer/guest/client awareness of a product or brand, artist, event, organization, and creating brand loyalty.

Public Relations

We provide services in the field of public relations where the methods of spreading information and organization for public use that are managed professionally.  As a public relation consultant, the service provides assistance to increase the exposure of your event, business, organization, or project to a wide range audience through the social media.  The aim of the public relation is give the event exposure to gain more of a public interest in return establish stronger networks.  On your behalf, we work alongside with you on sub-contracted assignments for the duration of your event.

  • Webpage Posting
  • Customize Wording
  • Rotating Banner
  • FaceBook Regional Group, Cover & Page Postings
  • Social Media Posting (Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, Instagram)

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