lily-the-singerSherley Edme known musically as Lily is the best kept sweet secret in music.  Lily has blessed the music scene on several occasions and finally decided to take her musical talents mainstream.  Lily brings a musical recipe of zouk, kizomba, kompa, and rhythm and blues that make her sound as sweet as a lily.  Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York; she was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The sweet musical journey began at a very young age.  As a child, Lily used music as a tool to express herself.  You would never think now that Lily was shy, but she felt music was something that to control her self-esteem and strength. Lily started in the music industry as a background vocalist.  She was the background vocals on numerous projects by local and international artists such as Jill Scott, Carl Davis, and Damian Marley (Junior Gong).  As people started taking interest on her vocals, she began to take an interest in pursuing a musical career.

LilyLily’s inspiration comes from life experiences and her surroundings.  Consequently to the many ups and downs throughout her musical career, Lily still thrives for music.  She stated “that’s where my heart is.  I believe that’s what GOD has planned for me.  Music is the only way to express my joy & my pain, and by creating music I can get my message across.”

Lily was able to begin her solo career by the help of three talented producers; Jean Max Valcourt, Stanley “Jswagg” Jeudy, and Mark “Mark G” Goncalves.  In 2012, she released her first single titled “Be in Love” produced by JSwagg and Mark G. “Be in Love” became a hit single in different regions of the world and placed on world renowned album compilation “More Kizomba 3” and many others.

In 2013, Lily released “Hold My Body” featuring TL Dreamz and Loony Johnson and produced by Mark G.  In just two weeks, “Hold My Body” became the top two most played and requested song on Portugal’s Top 5 billboard.  “Hold My Body” is also featured on the Cape Verdean all female album titled “Lights Out Ladies Night”.  In 2015 and 2016, Lily released more popular singles titled “Tounen” produced by Kay “Kaysha” Edwards and “The One” produced by DJ Ademar.

lily-stay-on-my-mind“Stay on my Mind” is the newest single from this sensual and soulful artist.  This song was produced by Kaysha, an international singer and producer that is known from places like the West Indies, South America, Europe, and Africa.  This song brings the collaboration of zouk, kizomba, and rhythm and blues.

This talented woman travels the world as secondary career in aviation.  She uses the beauty of voyages as another source of creativeness in her music.  Stay connected with this artist that is soulful, sensual, determined, and of course sweet.  Before you know it, you will have Lily on your mind.


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